11 Working Ways To Earn Money Online From Home as Newbie

Working Ways To Earn Money Online
Written by Luqman

Are you fed up trying to know Working Ways To Earn Money Online From Home even you are a new in this field. There may be millions of articles on the internet to make money but most of them are scams. They only take your valuable time. But, the question still remains that can we earn money online. Then, the answer is yes. In this article I will show the 11 real and legal ways to earn money online.
So lets start.


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1) PTC Sites

If you only want to earn a part time income less than $200 then PTC(Pays to Click) sites are the best place to start with. Here you earn money by clicking and viewing an advertisement for 30 sec. They pay you for each advertisement you view.
There are so may PTC sites available to start with. The top PTC sites are neobux and clixsense. All these sites are free to join.

2) Completing Surveys

You can earn money by completing surveys which takes about 5-45 mins to complete. You can make from $1 to $20 on each survey depending on the length of the survey to complete.
Most of the survey sites are scams. Only some are legal and pays on time. The legal survey sites to register are iPoll, SurveySavvy,etc.
These sites are free to register and start.

3) Freelance Writing

If you are good at writing then this is the best way to earn money online. Freelance writers earn an average of 50 cents to $1 per word. To succeed here you have to be best. Also if you have an online presence before then that will definitely help you. If you are okay with writing then iwriter, listverse are good platforms to start with.

4) Create Gigs On Fiverr

Gig means a short service you offer to a person. At fiverr you tell people what you can do and can also do for them in $5. You can offer any service like painting, logo designing, audio recording,etc and make money. The customer pays $5 for each service you do for him/her. I you have any service to offer then register a free account at fiverr.

5) Freelancing

Freelancing is some like similar to fiverr but it has a much wider scope. Here companies hire you for services like SEO,web designing,etc on a temporary basis.
Freelancers earn  a decent income ranging from $500-$2500+ or even more depending on the type of skill you are providing as a freelancer.
Popular websites for freelancing are elance, freelancer, upwork.

6) YouTube Channel

If you love shooting videos then a you tube channel will be best for you. If your video goes viral then there is a chance that you can make huge money from even a single video. Create videos on anything which you love. It may be travelling, cooking, tutorials,etc. YouTube pays $1 for every 1000 views.
All you have to do is to signup for a YouTube Partner program.

7) Selling Old Stuff

If you have some old stuff in your home or office then you can make money out of it too.You can sell those items at sites like eBay, olx and quker.

8) Affiliate Marketing

Although this is a part of the blogging even then i am giving it a place on the list. If you are hardworking and serious about making money online then this is for you.
In affiliate marketing, you simply promote a product and earns a commission whenever someone buys it.Websites which offer affiliate programs are amazon, flipkart, commission junction etc.

9) Domain Selling

Domain trading is a high earning online business. But, it requires some investment.You buy domain names from domain registrars like Godaddy for $10 and sell them to a needy person or a company for any amount you want.
You just have to identify those domains which you think can be valuable in the future. Companies contact the domain owner when they don’t find the domain for a deal and the price is all up to you.
You can even auction your domain on sites like godaddy auctions and flippa.

10) Forex Trading

If you have some or good knowledge of the market then Forex trading is a very lucrative way to earn money. There are various platforms from which you can start trading from as low as $20. Websites like etoro offers feature like copy trading where you can copy the successful traders and then invest.
Note: This method involves risk to loose money.

11) Blogging

Last but not the least is blogging. Blogging requires patience, discipline. If you have good knowledge about something just say cooking then you can start a blog and can teach others how to cook by writing informational articles. But it takes a lot of time to build a brand out of your blog. There are exceptions too. You have to spend your time on your blog if you really want to make money out of it.

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So, this is the list of 11 real and legal ways by which you can start earning money online. I hope it will help you. If you like this post then share it to show some love. Keep Blogging. Happy Earning!!!

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