Complete Information About Bitcoin In 2017 [Small Bitcoin Guide]

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Written by Luqman

What is Bitcoin? how to earn? In today’s post, I will tell you in full details about Bitcoin [Easy Bitcoin Guide 2017]. I found out about Bitcoin which is a very good way to make money, as much as I knew about this, my desire started to earn, and to earn it In a few days I started earning Bitcoins.

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What is bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency, and it is virtual i.e. we can use it on internet, say in simple language, we can not touch bitcoin, just like we can not touch the small part of rupaye paisa, bit coin we electronic Can also say currency.

Bitcoin Denoted (Showing) for BTC, mBTC, uBTC etc. Just like the molecule is used. This is open source, it does not have any right to it, everyone can use it like internet, i.e. offline and online can be used.

What is the use of bitcoin?

Bitcoins You Can Use For Online Shopping To make an online payment, you can also do a Payment Receive. Although the bitcoins in India are not used to be used by the bank, now Rbi has not taken any decision on this.

1 Bitcoin is priced at 1739.98 US Dollar i.e. 112524.51 Indian Rupee, its price is getting more or less (top-down) every day. To send or receive bitcoin, you must have a bitcoin address. Also, you will need bitcoins Wallet to earn bitcoins because you can get Bitcoin Address from bitcoins Wallet itself.

What is Bitcoin ADDRESS?

If you want to use bitcoin, or want to earn, then you will need a bitcoin address, in a way this will be your bank account address so you can send or receive payments.

Bitcoin address is something like this.
Example: – 30uAbMganupShBVTewXjrtvBv5MnDwf2hb

Bitcoin Address contains 27 To 24 Alphanumeric Character. In simple language, like your bank account number, Bitcoins Address is the same way to send and receive money. For bit coin address you will need to create a bitcoin account which you call bitcoin wallet.

What is bitcoin wallet?

The wallet is your online bank account where you can receive and send the payment, save the bit coin as well, when you create wallet, you will get a bitcoins address, so you will need a lot of wallet. .

Creating bitcoin wallet is very easy, how to create wallet? We will learn this in the coming days, May tell you some popular website which is the site to be trusted in India.


This is the 2 website where you can create bitcoin wallet account, to make friends, you have to be pan card so you can make pan card as soon as possible.

How to Earn Bitcoins?

There are plenty of ways to earn Bitcoin, like Paid To Click Sites, Surfing Advertisement, Playing Games, these are the best methods of earning bitcoins. In the coming days, I will tell you many such sites where you can earn free bitcoins as well as some tricks I will also tell you that you will earn fast earning.

Why is Bitcoin Popular?

  1. Transaction fees are very low.
  2. Worldwide Payment Sends And Receives
  3. Open Source is something everyone can use.
  4. High Security is.
  5. Use either Offline or Online

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