Crime Patrol Case 56/2017: Bangalore police reveals a complicated mystery

Crime Patrol
Crime Patrol is an Indian Television Series which based on real crime stories held in India and remain unsolved by Indian police. This article is about Crime Patrol Case No. 56/2017 and it’s about Bangalore. To know how the Crime Patrol team resolved the case, please read full article.

Crime Patrol Case 56/2017

This case is about 5 murders in 16 years in which the police never knew anything about the 3 murders. In fact, the dead bodies of these three people were found in this situation that even in post mortem, it was not revealed that they had been murdered. The police came to know about this incident in a murder case when they came to know of a murder in 2014. In a way, it was reversed in a case with case and case. By the way, after the incident, the police employ their reports to find some clue, but in this case it was reversed. A police informer told the police that he had heard two people talking about a liquor contract, that he killed a corpse in 2014 and put the corpse on the rail track so that he could get out of the train Because of that his head was completely destroyed.

The whole thing is from Kangri, a town in Bangalore and a police report was discovered about this murder was done in 2014. After this, he told the police about it and then on 7th June this year during the entire investigation the police arrested seven accused.

When this report told the police about this incident in 2014, the police started searching for the files in 2014 that no corpse was found on the Kangri railway track! If it was found, why was not there any action? Police got a report related to the UDR i.e. UNIDENTIFIED DEATH REPORT, where a man’s empty trunk found on the railway track. On receiving no missing complain related to this corpse, the police had closed the case and cremated the corpse but Crime Patrol police didn’t closed this case.

Due to lack of head in the postmortem report, it was not known that it was strangled. The police felt that this was a common accidental case as the police had received a lot of alcohol from the corpse, from which it seemed that this man had got hit by the train while crossing the track. Now the next challenge for the police was how to identify this deceased. The police had earlier sent out the files of the missing people on the same day and earlier and later, where they did not find anything. After this, the police had put their reports in Kengri and the surrounding area. After all, a similar matching case came in front of the police. This case was the disappearance of a man named Suresh. Suresh belonged to a lower class family who had suddenly disappeared from his house in 2014.