How to Add YouTube Videos Inside Your Blog’s Posts

embed videos in blogger posts
Written by Luqman

Hello Friends, In today’s post, I will tell you how you can put Youtube Video in your blog post, friends today, this post is a highly requested post. That’s why many bloggers and YouTubers have asked us on whatsapp How to apply YouTube videos to a blog post,

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Some of our friends have some articles like this that we have to show them by Live Practical, or you are Blogger and Youtuber is also there, you can still show your videos by Live Practicle in your Post, And its biggest advantage is that if you are youtuber then your video can get more traffic, so lets start the post and know how you can add video of any kind of youtube in your post. So, let’s start.

How to Add YouTube Video to a Blog Post

First of all, open the YouTube video and play it.

And now you copy the URL of that video, if you are using Youtube Application, then you play that video and to copy its Url, you will click the button that will be shared under the video and you can copy it there. Get the option

After linking the YouTube Video URL, you now have to use an HTML that HTML is something you can see below

<iframe allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0″ height=”270″src=”” width=”480″></iframe>

In this HTML where you see Youtube Video URL of Red Color, you need to insert the URl of your video so that your video appears in your post.

Now edit the post which you want to add to your video, and select HTML in that post,

blogger inside videos

Now copy the HTML which I have given you in Yellow Color and then insert your video URL in the video url, paste that HTML at the bottom of your blog and save the post, now you see Your video can start showing in your post,

So by doing so, you can easily add your YouTube video to your blog,

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