How To Check Ram Size and Processor Size in Your Computer

Written by Luqman

Hello Friends Today, you can learn here how you can check your computer’s Ram and Processor. Friends, if you have just bought a new computer or laptop, then it is very important to know about how much RAM and Processor it have.

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There are many users who know about system information and there are some users who do not know about computers and laptops, what is our Computer’s Operating system. Just the user knows that when the computer was purchased, the shop woman had told that there is a 2gb Ram and Dual Core processor. Just the user knows so much. But guys, you must be aware of which processor of your computer and how many GB of friends you should know this information because there are some such software in the Internet industry whose downloading system Requirement should be completed,

For Example: – A software runs on 64bit and your computer works on 32bit so you can not use that software. So friends are many of the software that you need to know about your computer’s processor and ram before downloading it. If you want to know how to know your computer’s operating system, then keep reading this post till last.

How to do Ram and Processor check in computers

So first refresh your computer and press the mouse Right button on the icon with My Computer. And now you have the Property option in the options list at last! As you can see in the lower Screen Shot.

check computer ram

Now if you select the Property of My Computer, you will now get all the information about your computer. So now you will find the Operating System of your computer that how much your computer has Ram and how much is your computer’s processor. You can see all these things there.

Computer System Processor or Ram full Information

So as you can see my system here, the processor of my system is Intel (R) Core (TM) 2 CPU and my system has Installed Memory (RAM) Size 1.99GB and my System Type is 32-bit Operating System You can also see the information that has been installed in my computer, on the top, as you can see in my computer. In my computer, Window 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 is installed.

So friends, you can easily learn your computer’s processor and Ram and many more, so friends, I hope you have liked this post of mine. So Plz will definitely share this post on Facebook and Google Plus. Thankfulness