How to Disable Auto Play Of Facebook Videos [2017]

How to Disable Auto Play Of Facebook Videos
Written by Luqman

Hello Friends in this tutorial i will tell you how to disable your Facebook’s Video Auto Play. Friends today, everybody uses Internet and if you are an Internet user, then obviously you will be using Facebook Account.

And as you know, Facebook keeps updating something new every time in facebook. And in this way Facebook has added an option to an auto play video facebook. As the Upload on facebook, any video that has been tagged with your account, automatically plays Auto Play or you are surfing a Facebook Page, then all the videos in them will be auto-play. What happens to you is that your DATA Pack is going to end.

How to Disable Auto Play Of Facebook Videos

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This futuristic Facebook favored quite a lot of people and it was bad for a lot of people. And those who felt bad was their problem. Playing on Auto Play on Facebook was a video game that they did not want. So friends Dont Worry Facebook has given an option like the Auto Play Video, so the option to turn it off is given by Facebook. Yes, friends can shut down the auto-play video on your Facebook page very easily, so lets tell you now how can you turn off auto-play video.

How to Disable Auto Play Video on Facebook

So first of all you have to open the website from your computer or mobile. And open your account there.

After opening Facebook Account, you will now see the option icon next to RIGHT HAND CORNER. As you can see below in Screen Shoot Image.

After you open the option, you first have to click on Setting.

Facebook Auto Play Video Disable

After clicking on Setting, you will see an option of video on it, so now you have to select an option with VIDEO.

After clicking on the option of video you have to click on Always Show Captions. And there you will have 2 Option Show with On and Off if you have to close Auto Play Video then click on Off and there will be Auto Close Video on your Facebook from there. And in the future, Facebook Video will never play in your account.

So friends you can easily close Auto-Video on your Facebook. So if you guys feel this post helpful, plz share this post to facebook and google plus. Ok Friends will meet again with a new tutorial. Thank You Bye And Take Care.