How To Earn Money From Clixsense (PPC) Easily 2017

How To Earn Money From Clixsense (PTC) Easily 2017
Written by Luqman

Hello Friends today will tell you how you can earn at least $ 10 a day daily from the website from Clixsense, friends have been asked a lot on WhatsApp, how to earn money online, friends, I did a website search In which you can earn 10 dollars from the comfort of the Daily! Clixsense is a website that works on PTC, meaning Pay Per Click, millions of people from the Clixsense website are earning a lot of money from all over the world, so friends do not waste too much time on the subject at the top.

How To Earn Money From Clixsense (PTC) Easily 2017

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There are lots of options to earn money from Clixsense, telling you all about how money is earned through them!

Viewing ads

In this you are given some ads, by opening these ads, you have to look for five Seconds and you get $ 0 .02 for every AD.

Doing Survey

To earn money from the survey, you have to complete your profile survey first and then you can join the survey. You can earn up to $ 1 in the survey, and you can do this survey three times in One Week.

Completing Offers

In this you get some offers where you have to download some application and in some advertisements you have to sign up on the website, you also get money


In this you have to play a game. You have to click on small blocks and an AIDS show from those blocks, you also get some money.

Affiliate Programs

In this you get a referral in which you join your friend and he creates a account at Clixsense, you can get $ 1 to $ 2 dollars here!

Click Here To Make Free Account On Clixsense

How to Create an Account on Clixsense

To create an account on Clixsense, click on the image provided above and now a page will open in front of you.

First, enter your name and enter Last Name

Now enter your Email Id and enter your emali id ​​in confirmation too.

And now you set your password. Password should be 8 digits and put your password again in the confirm box.

Now enter your User Name

And now you will get a confirmation link on your email id. You have to open that link and by doing this, your email id and account will be verified.

How To Earn Money From Clixsense (PTC) Easily 2017

After opening the link from the email, now you have to login your account.

How To Earn Money From Clixsense (PTC) Easily 2017

Now after signing in you need to have your profile complete.

Now you will have to open Profile/Account in which you have to enter your address, enter city and enter the pin code of the area and enter your mobile number and select your state; Or to put an email Id of your payoneer account through which you can receive the payment.

How To Earn Money From Clixsense (PTC) Easily 2017

And at last click on Update Account, so friends can make you an account at Clixsense, and you can earn a lot of money in this regard, so how did friends find this post? If good enough then Plz share this post on facebook and google plus! Thankfulness