How To Permanently Delete My YouTube Channel [2017]

Written by Luqman

Hello Friends In today’s post I will tell you how to delete your Youtube Channel. Friends, there may be a lot of reasons to delete the YOUTUBE channel, and that’s why New Youtuber is known only by most.

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Friends, as you know, today, who wants to delete Youtube Channel will learn the method here, there is no Youtuber who wants to delete their good Youtube Channel, but my friends as far as I am concerned most Youtubers want to delete their Channel. Because they are new on Youtube and they do not know how many Youtube channels they make, but only 1 work on the channel and the rest remain unnecessarily.

Therefore some Youtubers want to delete their Youtube Channel so that channels do not come in their use, so they delete their Unuse Youtube Channel. Friends, according to my Idea, 999 out of 1000 youtubers are such that in the beginning there are many YouTube channels on Youtube. And then later you delete those channels, friends have to work hard on the Youtube channel, then your YouTube channel is successful. So let’s hope friends, according to my Idea you will be a new Youtuber who will be reading this post of mine!

So let’s say friends, because of having to delete the YouTube channel here, we have told you why the user wants to delete your Youtube Channel. Now let me tell you how we delete our unuse YouTube channel.

How to delete a YouTube channel

First of all, you first login to Youtube from your computer or mobile and open your Youtube.

Now you have to click on setting on your Youtube and now select your channel there and this setting will be seen going to the top of your right hand. And now you have to select the Icon setting.

Youtube channel delete

Now after opening the Youtube Account Setting, you will see an Advance option here and you have to click on the same Advance. As you can see in Screen Shoot below.

YouTube channel deleting copy

As soon as you click on Advance, now you will find the option with the Delete Channel at the bottom, then now you have to click on the option with the Delete Channel.

As soon as you click on the delete channel, your Youtube channel will be deleted and during the Youtube Channel Delete, you will be asked password for your confirmation or else you will be able to hide your YouTube account and delete it then submit it to my content youtube channel. Do it. And by doing so you can easily delete your Youtube Channel.
So friends you can easily delete your Youtube Channel by doing this. So how do my friends feel about how to delete this Youtube Channel post. If friends have found this post good then Plz must share this post on Google Plus and Facebook. Thankfulness