How to Send Free Sms in India | How to Earn Money from Sms Send

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Hello Friends Today, you have been told how you can send Sms in free on any of the numbers in India. What would friends be? Many times we are sitting in our family and if you come to call from one end In such a situation, you can not talk on the phone and if you want to use sms in your account, then it is also very important to have balance in your account, because of sending one sms to your account from about 1 rupee to 3 rupees And it may seem like If you do not have a balance in your account, you can not even call And you can not even sms anyone!

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So friends have such a trick in it, with whom you can send free sms to anyone in India! To send free sms to friends, your mobile should activate internet pack! If you are going to send free sms only then do not waste any time and come directly to the topic of this post.

In order to send free sms to friends you will be able to tell about India’s most popular Two Website through which you can send free sms to anyone and earn some money through which you can get free recharge on your mobile number.

How to Send Free Message from Way2sms

Way2sms is a website that has 40 million users by now and so many users are a matter of pride and daily 2500 new users on this website create their account or it is quite popular in Website India when I send free sms send Was learned to do so by way2sms! It is so easy to send free sms to anyone from this website, like calling someone, and another feature of this website is that these websites send some sms like good night, good morning, jokes, shayri to sms You also provide you with the help of which you can send this sms to anyone by using!

If you want to earn some money from this website, then you can create an account on this website and you will get a referral invite link from which you can invite anyone for Rs.1 rupees, and from these money you can call your mobile Number can recharge! You have to do Minimum Recharge with 10 rupees.

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How to send messages in free from 160by2.Com website

160by2 .com is a popular free Indian website through which you have to also have a thing about this website can Free sms send these can also contact number save someone in this website and in very easily can free sms send that number! And in this website you get all kinds of messages to send. If you want to get happy birthday sms wise or if you want to give someone the wishes of the anniversary, then you can send those messages very easily from this website. If you want to earn some money from this website then you can use the referral in this website. You can add the logo to your referral link and join you by earning some money here through which you can get free recharge on your mobile number.

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Friends, here you can type messages up to 140 characters. make money online sending sms In India.
So friends you can send free message to anyone, anywhere in India! So friends, I hope you like this post! If you liked this POST, please share this POST and commemorate us how you got this post, thank you