How To Submit Blogger Blog Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tool

Written by Luqman

Generating a good traffic is very important for anyone who is willing to make a successful career in blogging or any other online activity. Without it you are nothing. You need a good organic traffic to your website to become successful. You can start by adding a sitemap to webmaster tools.

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Google Webmaster Tools is a great tool which is provided by google itself to help website owners to generate a good traffic. It index your website pages and helps in crawling of webpages by search bots.

To start with google webmaster tools you need to verify your ownership with your site. It is important for every website owner to submit a sitemap to google webmaster tools as it tells google about your blog and helps in SEO.

Below are the steps listed to submit a sitemap to google webmasters tools.

1) Sign in to google webmaster tools.
2) Select the domain to which you want to add a sitemap.
3) Click on the sitemaps button.sitemap

4) Press the Add/Test sitemap button at the top right corner of the webpage.add sitemap

5) A small box like the one given below will appear.

6) Add the below text in the text field.

7) Press the submit sitemap button.

Congratulations you have added your first blog sitemap. The above added sitemap will work for first 500 posts. To add more posts after it you have to add another sitemap using the same process and the code will look like this.


So, this is the complete guide on how to submit a blogger sitemap to google webmaster tools. If you liked this article then share it on social platforms to show some love. Keep blogging. Happy Earning!!!!