Top 10 Search Engine Ranking Optimization Methods Of 2017

Written by Luqman

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most important thing while blogging.Without SEO no one can think that he can receive good traffic to its website.So in this article i will show you the 10 Killer SEO Tips to increase you blog traffic. Top 10 Search Engine Ranking Optimization Methods Are Below.


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1) Custom Post URL.

While writing a bog post you have seen that there is an option to customize the permalink.use it to customize the stop words like a, an ,the. Just use the keywords which are coming in your blog post.

2) Title SEO Friendly.

Blog post title is very important while considering the on page SEO. Try to include the keywords in your title on which you are writing a blog post. like I am writing this post on SEO tips. so i will include it in my post title.

3) Within Post.

A post written using good seo can help you a lot. While writing a blog post include the important keywords in blog post’s first paragraph and in the last paragraph. Search Engines use them while searching.

4) Image Optimization.

You may have definitely seen images within a blog post. They not only helps in enhancing looks but they too can help you in crawling. while using an image give a proper alt tag so that the search engines can easily crawl it.

5) Search Engine Submission.

Submit you website/blog in major search engines like google’s webmaster tool,bing,yahoo,etc. What it will do It will help your blog to get indexed in search engines easily.

6) Custom Robots.Txt

Various Search engine bots like google bot also uses robots.txt file for searching and indexing our page. we can prevent some non important pages to be indexed in the search engines by using good use of robots.txt file.

7) Internal Linking.

A really big mistake which the bloggers do is that they don’t link their posts to each other should avoid it.Internal linking not only helps to get more page visits but also helps to rank high in search engines.

8) Meta Tags.

Meta tags are very important in seo. Meta tags like title,keywords and description are used by search bots to index a blog. Give a short description to your blog post in not more than 150 characters.

9) Improve Blog Load Time.

If your page loads in a lot of time then the visitors coming to your site will go back. You not only will lose valuble traffic but it will also increase the bounce rate. Search engines index those sites which loads fast. So optimizing your blog post to load fast is very imporatnt.

10) Format Comment Section.

Last but not the least is to format your comment section. It should be no-followed to avoid spam comments. Try to include the post keywords while replying to a comment.
So in this post we covered the 10 killer seo tips for blogger This is one of the good 2017 seo techniques step by step guide. They will provide a better idea about blogspot seo. All these tips will help you a lot. Hope you like this post and happy blogging. Please share it to show your love!