What Is Affiliate Marketing And How It Works In 2017

Written by Luqman

Lets Have an affiliate marketing introduction on this page for newbies. What Is Affiliate Marketing And How It Works In 2017? Affiliate Marketing is a form of internet marketing where you earn a commission by promoting other third party’s product on your website/blog. It is one of the oldest form of marketing on the world wide web. In simple words it is a process where you liked a product, thinks to promote it and earns a commission whenever someone buys it from your promoted link. The commission rates can vary from $1 to $10000 based on the product you sell.

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The simplicity of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to invest any money on any product or commodity but you just have to promote it to generate a sale.

How It Works?

1) You liked a product on the internet.
2) Thinks to promote it.
3) Recommends it on your blog/website.
4) Someone buys it using your promoted link.
5) A sale is generated.
6) Hurrah you earn a commission.

How A Sale Is Recorded?

You must be thinking that how the marketers record our sales. This is very simple. When you choose to promote a product they will give you a URL with a trcking  id associated with the product you are promoting.. So when someone will buy from your link a sale will be recorded using your tracking link.

Cons Of AM

1) No investment is required.
2) Even no need to have a blog, can be done on social sites if you have good fan following.
3) Can promote any number of products.
4) Hassle free earnings.
5) Reliable source of income.

Top Affiliate Programs

Companies who sell product online like electronics,shoes,e-books,etc. offer affiliate program to promote their product.You as a publisher can sign up for the program and can start promoting the products. Given below is a list of top affiliate programs you can consider to join.

How Much Money Can Be Made

There is no limit. You can earn a very lucrative amount from these affiliate programmes. It all depends on the conversion rates of the products. You just have to give time to promote the products.
I hope this beginner’s guide helped you to know the basics of affiliate marketing and now you are able to become an affiliate and make money online. If you liked this article then share it on social platforms to show some love. Keep blogging. Happy Earning!!!!