20 interesting facts about Tom Cruise

Everyone knows Hollywood actor Tom Cruise has played a huge number of roles in movies, and many films with his participation have received the status of a cult. Worth remembering just one “Vanilla Sky”! When you look at his acting and open https://telegram-store.com/catalog/product-category/channels/news, you really begin to believe what is happening on the screen.

What could you not know about this actor?

Fact #1.

The future star’s mother was also an actress. This most likely had a major influence on his future career choice.

Fact #2.

As a child, Tom’s family often moved because of work problems, so that by the age of fourteen, he has changed a half dozen schools.

Fact #3.

The young Cruise had crooked teeth. Subsequently, this was corrected. He also suffered from dyslexia. 

Fact #4. 

About the same years he was fond of wrestling and even thought to build a professional career in this sport. But as fate would have it, he had to leave because of a knee injury.

Fact #5. 

The future actor missed his high school graduation because he was busy staging a musical.

Fact #6.

In college, Tom Cruise played in theatrical productions.

Fact #7.

Tom Cruise is not legally allowed to use his image in the production of computer games and souvenir products like figurines. This is despite the fact that advertisers have offered big bucks for it.

Fact #8. 

Tom has repeatedly expressed his awe for those around him. For example, in the ’90s, he witnessed a car accident in which a woman was injured. He not only drove her to the hospital, but also paid her large medical bill. This happened after the actor found out that the woman had not taken out health insurance.

Fact #9.

Cruise was married to actress Nicole Kidman for almost ten years.

Fact #10.

Before Marvel invited Robert Downey Jr. to play Tony Stark in the comic book adaptation of Iron Man, they were considering Tom Cruise.

Fact #11.

Disney, when developing the image of Aladdin, at first they drew him from Michael J. Fox. But at one point they decided to remake everything and rely on Tom Cruise’s looks. This was done in order to please the female half of the audience as much as possible.

Fact #12.

In 1994, Tom was named Man of the Year by the members of Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Club. This community is famous all over the world for the fact that its members dress up in the clothes of members of the opposite sex. Cruise received the award in a bra and heels.