Interesting facts about Leonardo DiCaprio

There is no secret that any of his shoots in a new movie is a highly discussed event in the film community and DiCaprio is one of the most famous and paid actors of our time, as well as an active eco-activist and an enviable bachelor.

The actor’s childhood

Here are some interesting facts from the actor’s childhood:

  1. The actor was named after the greatest artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci. His mother chose this name for a reason: Leo gave the first kick in the stomach while watching a picture of his future father-in-law.
  2. For the first time on TV screens DiCaprio got already 2,5 years old. The culprit of the celebration was his father, who took him to a famous TV show.
  3. According to his claim from a conversation with Vladimir Putin in 2010, he is half Russian. His Russian roots were passed down to him from his grandmother on his mother’s side and his grandfather’s side (no side was specified). By the way, a little later in 2010, Vladimir Putin called Leonardo DiCaprio a “real man”.
  4. Leonardo DiCaprio was not a diligent student: his classmates called Leo a “retard” because of his poor grades. But as we can see, his grades at school did not prevent him from becoming a famous actor. By the way, he did not go to university, taking up a career as a film actor.


And here’s what was interesting at the beginning of his career:

  1. Leo realized his calling as a child, at about 10 years old. 
  2. In his youth, he took part in at least 30 commercials and managed to go viral in the TV series “Santa Barbara”.
  3. The actor was offered to change his name to a more sonorous – Lenny Williams, but the idea did not appeal to the boy.
  4. The pursuit of the Oscar.

But how did Leo get to the coveted Oscar?

  1. During his career, Leonardo DiCaprio has worked with many famous directors, thanks to which he was able to achieve the award.
  2. The main role of the same name with the movie “Spider-Man” originally got him, but in a friendly way gave it to Tobey Maguire.
  3. The first hint of an Oscar and a Golden Globe happened to the actor already at the age of 19. Then he was nominated for awards for his role as a developmentally delayed boy in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. 
  4. Before receiving the long-awaited gold statuette was five nominations. 

Leonardo and the relationship with women 

The actor did not happen to be married. According to him, he is ready to play a married man and an honorary family man in the movies, but in reality he has not yet come to this. Throughout his career, he met with many models, but the wedding has not played.